The wisdom that comes from the deep forest tells us:

"The time has come for humans to return to their original harmony"

Sacret Forest was born out of the idea to give people the most harmonizing tools that they would stand again in their power and gentleness.

Currently, humanity has lost touch with its physical as well as spiritual balance. There are vibrations and sounds that we have forgotten that resonate with beautiful harmony.

Crystals are the most harmonized structures in nature. That is why we use crystals to create instruments that can show us the way again by means of musical vibration. Precision is important to us to convey these vibrations in the best possible way.

When the crystallization is manifested in space, each of us can draw from it and harmonize with it. And also experiencing completely different frequencies of being.

Our workplace is located deep in the Polish forest.

Our company data is:

Sacred Forest is owned by Thomas Harmony registered at:

Thomas Harmony

Akacjowa 9

81-520 Gdynia, Poland

EU VAT/Tax number (VIES): PL9581519078

Regon PL: 361935700

We deliver instruments all over the world. See shipping prices in the transport section.