What tuning and tone to choose?

About tuning:

Our crystal harps are tuned in two basic types of tuning.
The type of tuning can be selected when purchasing the instrument.
We offer harps in classic (A = 440Hz) or natural (A = 432Hz) tuning.

Classic tuning (A = 440Hz)

This tuning is commonly used in the mass music industry, philharmonics, and music schools. It is a music standard that was introduced worldwide in 1953 by the International Organization for Standardization so that all kinds of instruments and music all over the world could work together. It is an average standard that does not come from nature, but from human need. According to Maria Renold's research into musical frequencies, classical tuning is sharper, more vivid, less relaxing, and above all, it is less compatible with human nature.

We recommend this tuning only when you want to play the harp with other instruments that cannot be tuned to natural tuning.

Natural tuning ( A = 432Hz)

Natural tuning formerly known as "Verdi tuning" is a frequency compatible with all nature around us and our body. Natural tuning was known in ancient history. The research of Kathleen Schlesinger, the archaeologist of music, concludes that formerly there was common tuning for most ancient human races. This tuning was also widely used in Europe until the beginning of the 20th century. From Maria Renold's research on well-being and frequencies, natural tuning can be described as warming, relaxing and stabilizing the psyche.

This is the tuning that we recommend more for crystal instruments. The harp will be more in tune with our natural frequency and thus we will have more benevolent harmony for ourselves and other vibration recipients.

About tones:

We currently offer harps in three tones:

  • Celtic moon D
  • Ethereal C
  • Celestial sun D

Each model has a slightly different sound and creates a different atmosphere.

Celtic moon D - This is Celtic minor tuning. It is more related to the magic of the forest. It strikes the emotional strings more strongly. It follows the depths of the human being. It is also higher in tones - more feminine. Ancient Celtic harps were based on this tuning.

Notes: D5, E5, F5, G5, A5, C6, D6, E6

Ethereal C - This is a complementary tuning for the next octave for the complete chakra crystal bowls. The next notes go through the 5th octave just like the chakras ending with a small C in the 6th octave. Etheral C represents freedom and lightness. Its vibrations quickly raise energy in space and bring the audience to the here and now. This is the most centered scale and its task is to bring harmony.

Notes: C5, D, 5, E5, F5, G5, A5, B5 / H5, C6

Celetial sun D - This scale is the brightest, sunny and introducing lightness.

Celestial sun D is the highest major tuning and sounds like half terrestrial and half celestial. With its vibrations, we can feel how we are loaded with the frequencies of carefree, pleasant lightness and joy. Receiving its vibrations increases the vital energy and warms the frame of mind just like the sun's rays.

Notes: D5, E5, F#5, G5, A5, B5/H5, C#6, D6